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Delta Module Two - Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Delta is for teachers with at least one year’s experience. It’s suitable for teachers in any context, working with any age range – young learners, teenagers or adults. Studying for Delta helps teachers to:

● extend their knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching.
●apply new knowledge and understanding to their current teaching role.
● critically examine their current beliefs and practices as a teacher.
Module Two course is an intensive study over six weeks. Additional time is required for lesson preparation and written assignments. Candidates are strongly recommended to devote 100% of their time to the course.
It is not essential to do a course to enter for Modules One and Three.
     Key facts
CEFR level requirement Between C1 and C2 or above
Format Full time: Face-to-face course with teaching practice
Assessment Portfolio coursework, including Written assignments and Assessed teaching practice
Award Certificate per module

Delta Module Two course outline

Module Two focuses on developing awareness and expertise in the principles and professional practice of teaching English in a range of contexts.


● 100% attendance is required.
● Trainees’ portfolio coursework, including written assignments, lesson planning and teaching.

Entry Requirements

●Should have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken.
● C2 or, at least C1+ level of English on the CEFR scale is required.
● In some cases candidates will be asked to provide additional evidence of their language ability (e.g. language proficiency certificates).
● A standard of education that would allow you entry to Higher Education in your country.
● Be at least 20 years old by the start date of the course.

Application for the course

● Obtain application form and pre-interview task by contacting our centre
● The application form and pre-interview task must be completed and returned to the centre for consideration before any arrangements can be made for an interview.
●In some cases candidates may be asked to revise their application before the interview.

Contact us

Christina Yang
Phone: 021021-50802999-8043